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U.S. high court won’t review federal embryonic stem cell funds

(Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to review a challenge to federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research brought by two researchers who said the U.S. National Institutes of Health rules on such studies violate federal law.

European stem cell bank aims to speed drug development

LONDON (Reuters) – Ten international drug companies are to team up with scientists from 11 European countries to create a bank of stem cells for a project aimed at speeding up the development of new medicines.

Donated stem cells may work best for heart patients

(Reuters) – Stem cells culled from the bone marrow of healthy donors work as well or even better as cells harvested from patients themselves as a treatment for damaged hearts and are more convenient to use, according to new research.

Pluristem stem cells save second patient with bone marrow failure

TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Pluristem Therapeutics said another patient suffering from bone marrow failure was saved using its placenta-based stem cell treatment.

Amniotic fluid offers alternative stem cell source

LONDON (Reuters) – Stem cells taken from amniotic fluid can be transformed into a more versatile state similar to embryonic stem cells and may offer an alternative to the medically valuable but controversial cells, scientists said on Tuesday.

Researchers urge EU not to cut stem cell funding

LONDON (Reuters) – Leading scientists, biomedical research bodies and patient groups urged the European Parliament on Friday to maintain vital European Union funding for studies using embryonic stem cells.

Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl

LONDON (Reuters) – Doctors in Sweden have replaced a vital blocked blood vessel in a 10-year-old girl using the first vein grown in a lab from a patient’s own stem cells.

Canada OKs Osiris drug; first stem cell therapy

BOSTON (Reuters) – Osiris Therapeutics Inc said on Thursday that Canadian health regulators have approved its treatment for acute graft-versus host disease in children, making it the first stem cell drug to be approved for a systemic disease anywhere in the world.

Pluristem stem cell therapy saves a patient, shares jump

(Reuters) – Pluristem Therapeutics Inc said a 7-year old girl suffering from a bone marrow disease experienced a reversal of her condition after receiving its experimental stem cell therapy, sending the Israeli company’s shares up 32 percent.

Stem cells from fat win favor with heart researcher

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Stem cells derived from a patient’s bone marrow can help treat severe heart failure, but the results are even better when they are taken from fat, a leading researcher said, citing his experience in a number of studies.