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Gene discovered that activates stem cells for organ regeneration in Planarians

Researchers announced the discovery of a gene zic-1 that enables stem cells to regrow a head after decapitation in flatworm planarians. Professor Christian Petersen and Ph.D.

Lab-Grown Retina from Stem Cells Responds to Light

The retina is a complex and fragile piece of equipment, but without it, the world would be completely dark. With a number of diseases that can erode the delicate tissue and little that conventional medicine can do to fix it, researchers have explored t…

Creating embryonic stem cells through nuclear transfer appears to be a superior method

Scientists at Oregon Health & Science University have found that a process called “somatic cell nuclear transfer” is much better and more accurate at reprogramming human skin cells to become…

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Holds Great Potential in Stem Cell Tracking

According to a new study, intravenous iron can be utilized to effectively label stem cell transplants so they can be tracked in target tissues, such as arthritic joints, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Heike Daldrup-Link, Associate Professor at…

“Stress-Induced” Stem Cell Findings Are Retracted

High-profile reports claiming an easy way to create pluripotent cells were flawed. — Read more on

How Japan’s most promising young stem-cell scientist duped the scientific journal Nature — and destroyed her career

On January 28, a young scientist known for her intelligence and ambition arrived at Japan’s renowned research institute Riken. Expected to deliver remarks about her groundbreaking research on the development of stem cells in mice, she was triumphant.

Controversial Stem Cell Studies Retracted by Journal

Controversial Stem Cell Studies Retracted by Journal


A stem cell transplant reversed sickle cell disease in adults, according to a study that offers a potential cure for the debilitating condition.

Stem cell findings retracted

NEW YORK — U.S. and Japanese scientists who reported that they’d found a startlingly simple way to make stem cells withdrew that claim Wednesday, admitting to “extensive” errors in the research.

‘Breakthrough’ stem cell study retracted

(CNN)– It was hailed as a fast, easy, inexpensive and uncontroversial way to produce stem cells. Scientists took a skin cell and coaxed it into acting like an embryo, producing embryonic-like stem cells that could theoretically be turned into any cell…