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Stem-cell pioneer takes aim at M.S.

The decades-long dream of treating debilitating injury and illness with stem cells is quickly becoming reality.The world’s first test on patients of a treatment using human embryonic stem cells has

Stem cell hope for elderly patients

A new era in regenerative treatment for the elderly could be on the way after a stem cell breakthrough, scientists said.

Spinal Membrane As A Source Of Stem Cells May Advance Spinal Cord Treatment

Italian and Spanish scientists studying the use of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries have provided the first evidence to show that meninges, the membrane which envelops the central nervous system, is a potential source of self-renewing stem cells…

Locally Released Insulin Activates Stem Cells To Produce More Gut And Stem Cells

A new study from University of California, Berkeley, researchers demonstrates that adult stem cells can reshape our organs in response to changes in the body and the environment, a finding that could have implications for diabetes and obesity…

Replacing old stem cell science

By: Robert Fix There are roughly 115,000 people on the organ transplant list waiting for a replacement. …

Harvard Med School researchers help direct stem cells

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and other hospitals have taken a step toward making stem cell therapies more effective by adding homing receptors to those cells.

European court says stem cell technique cannot be patented

OLIVER BR√úSTLE -v- Greenpeace eV at the European Court of Justice, case C-34/10.

With govt aid, stem cell banks seek to strike the right chord

Indian stem cell banking, which has thus far failed to strike a chord with the public, is seeking the government’s help in getting its message across.

Therapeutic Clues Offered By Lung Stem Cells

Guided by insights into how mice recover after H1N1 flu, researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, together with researchers at A*STAR of Singapore, have cloned three distinct stem cells from the human airways and demonstrated that one of these cells can form into the lung’s alveoli air sac tissue…

Stem-cell find breathes new life into lung repair

New hopes of treating chronic lung diseases have been raised by the rapid stem-cell repair of mouse lungs and by a molecule that drives lung healing