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Stem cell therapy can help critical limb ischemia

A stem cell therapy for critical limb ischemia is currently being evaluated by eight medical centers in the United States. For the procedure, a patient’s limb is injected with stem cells from his or her bone marrow.

Embryonic Stem Cell Researchers May Target Minorities for New Embryos

Not surprisingly, they found that most of the hESC lines represent a limited genetic ethnic diversity , primarily from European and Middle Eastern, as well as some East Asian, descent. The University of Michigan group seems to think this is …

Work on stem cells in Michigan raises many hopes, questions

… director of WSU’s Stem Cell Commercialization Center hopes to hire a half-dozen people to support the lab as soon as it opens next year, and he’ll hire more as businesses sign on to … better define constitutional language that he said leaves …

Cryo-Cell International continues to expand R&D initiatives to accelerate therapeutic benefits of stem cells

Cryo-Cell International, Inc. a global leader in stem cell innovation, resolves to help women inspire and empower each other to take charge of their health in the New Year, and to spark conversations about the promise of stem cells.

Stem cell research raises hopes, questions

Human embryonic stem cell research is a new industry in a relatively new science, and those on both sides of the issue want to sort through ethical questions and research protocols.

A boost for stem-cell production

Vitamin C is often recommended to help fight the common cold and heal wounds, but the antioxidant might have another benefit: It appears to help adult cells generate embryonic-like stem cells, new research suggests.

Stem cell therapy helping restore blood flow to blocked arteries

Doctors remove stem cells from the pelvic bone and inject them back into the leg along the course of the diseased artery … The stem cell treatment costs less than conventional bypass surgery and stents.

Group rallies for donors at stem cell drive honoring Cupertino librarian

Physician Lam Do was recently one of three authors who participated at a marrow and stem cell donor registration drive at the Cupertino Library held in memory of Ja-Lih Lee, a Cupertino librarian and former bookstore owner who died Dec. 1 after a battle with acute myeloid leukemia.

Group rallies for donors at stem cell drive honoring Cupertino …

Local physician and children’s author Lam Do is eternally thankful to a stranger in Seattle. Eight years ago, Do’s then 18-month-old son Luke was diagnosed with leukemia, and death seemed certain if a match could not be found for a successful blood …

Stem Cells Might Reverse Heart Damage From Chemo

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 30 ( HealthDay News ) — Certain types of chemotherapy can damage the heart while thwarting cancer, a dilemma that has vexed scientists for years. But a new study in rats finds that injecting the heart with stem cells can reverse the …