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Gene Identified That Helps Plant Cells Keep Communication Channels Open

Stem cells in plants’ growing tips, called “meristems,” communicate via microscopic channels called plasmodesmata. These channels, which transport nutrients and growth instructions, respond to cues such as growth signals or stress by changing shape and altering traffic flow. Scientists have identified a gene called GAT1, which encodes an enzyme that improves traffic flow by acting as an antioxidant — a molecule that relieves cellular stress.

Stanford And NYU Scientists Cross Threshold In Regenerative Medicine

By now, most people have read stories about how to “grow your own organs” using stem cells is just a breakthrough away. Despite the hype, this breakthrough has been elusive. A new report published in the March 2009 issue of The FASEB Journal (http://www.fasebj.

Market Size of Stem Cell research Products is Expanding through Double … – PR Inside

2009-02-28 06:31:14 – included “Stem Cell Research Products Opportunities Tools And Technologies” into its market report catalogue for reselling Stem Cell Research Products Opportunities Tools And Technologies Stem cells are primitive …

So. Illinois man seeks stem cell cure in China (KFVS 12 Cape Girardeau)

There’s a lot of debate surrounding stem cell research, but a Washington County man says certain types of stem cell treatments do work and shouldn’t be controversial.

Stem cell research supporters offer U.S. Senate bill – Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two prominent supporters of stem cell research said on Thursday they had reintroduced a Senate bill that would allow federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research, in anticipation of President Barack Obama’s support …

Hailey gets stem cell injections, gene therapy in China (WHAS TV11 Louisville)

(WHAS11) – Hailey Goranflo is undergoing treatment in China for Batten’s disease. Her mother sent WHAS11 a video blog updating us on her condition. Thursday, Hailey received a stem cell injection and gene therapy treatment.

Osiris Therapeutics Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2008 … –

COLUMBIA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb 27, 2009 – Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSIR), the leading stem cell therapeutic company focused on developing and marketing products to treat medical conditions in the inflammatory, cardiovascular and …

Stem cell bill is back (The Scientist)

The measure, vetoed in 2007, would lift the US ban on federal funding for stem cell research

Stem Cell Research Scientists To Call For Faster Experimentation (Medical News Today)

Some of Britain’s leading stem-cell research supporters are calling for further tests on human embryos to be speeded up. Leading British doctors and academics will tell an Oxford conference the opportunities created by the new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act must be acted upon quickly.

Missouri Judge Says Amendment 2 Would Trump Law Banning ESCR Funding –

Jefferson City, MO ( — A Missouri judge issued a new ruling on Tuesday saying that Amendment 2 would trump state law prohibiting taxpayer funding of human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. The amendment is the measure Missouri …